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Information and history on the Baumbach castle in Germany. Also known as the Tannenberg castle, Tannenberg translates to "Castle in the Trees" Baumbach translates to Tree (Baum) Brook or stream (Bach)

The Baumbach castle was built in about 1350 by Ludwig Baumbach a "Strikt Knight." (translates to "strict knight") In the 1700’s the Baumbachs left the castle since it had lost its meaning for defense because of the invention of the canon. The Baumbachs family's built several farms all over Germany after they sold most of their land in Nentershausen to the king. There are two towns in Germany with the name Baumbach in them but no Baumbachs live there. In about 1850 several Baumbachs immigrated to America. The castle is popular in Germany and is visited by many vacationers and tourists for around the World.


Professionally done video created by William (Bill) Losch. Copies of this video are for sale on VHS CD or DVD please contact

William Losch
25 2nd Street Suite 310
St. Petersburg Florida 33701

Donations are greatly appreciated and all proceeds will be sent to Germany to pay for the restoration and repairs to the castle. You can view it now in streaming video 11,331kb  HERE  or High quality 39,004kb HERE


Pictures from September 2000. This site is still under construction, I have not added all the pictures and detailed info yet. For now you can see pictures I took during my 1996 trip on my other web site at 

Pictures from September 2002 meeting. This is a small paragraph, but be sure to click on the link because there are lots of pictures and updated information.

The Friends of Tannenberg

The Baumbach castle is owned by a German based non-profit association by the name of The Friends of Tannenberg. The membership is made up of several Baumbachs, a few that are directly related and a few that are not. Most members are non-Baumbachs who are just generally interested in historical castle's in Germany. As of 2000 there are about 60 dues paying members. I pay dues in the amount of about $25.00 or about $24.00 EUR yearly to be a member. During one of my trips to see the castle I attended the annual association meeting and was voted in as a board member for the year 2000 to be the liaison between Germany and members located in America. My girlfriend, brother, son and daughter are also members.

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Please to NOT mail your dues or small donations directly to Germany because the German bank charges a fee of about $15.00 every time a check is deposited. Please mail them to me and I will collect all the money and mail it using one large check.

Euro Dollar

Germany has switch from using the DM (Deutsche Mark) to the new EUR (Euro) as of 06-2001 the exchange rate was about. 2 DM = 1 US or 200.00dm = $100.00us 0.98 EUR = 1 US or 98.00eur = $100.00us

Preserve our Baumbach family history. 

Over the last 300 hundred years the castle has been falling apart, but there are still three main buildings that are worth restoring. In about 1990 the German state funded about one million dollars to restore it but since the reunion of East and West-Germany all the money goes to East-Germany which is much more destroyed then the West. So the rebuilding of the castle had to be stopped or slowed down. Now, most of the work is done by the friends of the castle and the farm-workers of Friedrich von Baumbach. 

Having to withstand the elements over many thousands of years the condition of the castle is starting to deteriorate and is in desperate need of repairs. With no forthcoming funds from the German state the Baumbachs and friends of the castle in the USA and Germany have formed a non-profit Association called The Friends of Tannenberg an association dedicated to preserving and restoring the castle. In becoming a member you would help this Association to restore and preserve the castle by raising money and keeping it a historical monument for all Baumbachs and friends for generations to come.

If the castle is to survive for future Baumbach generation it is imperative that money be raised. You can help by joining The Friends of Tannenberg!

Plans are being made to set aside a room in the castle as a Baumbach family museum to display the original historical artifacts that are now in storage. It is thought that people who donate money for this cause would have this fact engraved on a plaque and displayed in the room forever. If you have any suggestions or can help in fund raising please contact us. 

I know; you don't have to say it; everywhere you turn someone is trying to get money out of your pocket, I feel the same way too. What can I say; if you are a Baumbach decedent this is one of the few things you can spend money on that will actually be directly related to your ancestors and appreciated by your decedents. The Baumbach family name is a name to proud of. I think it would be a great feeling to know that you have helped keep a historical landmark around for your decedents and theirs. If your ancestors are not Baumbachs I guess you will just have to have a love for old historical castles.

Contact's updated 06-03-2019

Friedrich-Wilhelm von Baumbach "Budi"
Finkenweg 81
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Tel.+49 6621 4079080
Fax +49 6621 4079081
Mobil +49 170 3410818

I belong to Nentershausen and you can see my former farm ( gave it to a son) on I spend the best year of my life in San Jose, Cal,in 1958 as an exchange student. I go there for the 60th graduation in september. Yours sincerly, They call me Fred or Buedi 06-03-2019

NOTE: Germany is 6 hours ahead of eastern united states. e.g. 3pm ET is 9pm in Germany

William James Baumbach II
2380 Mountain Road
Haymarket, Virginia 20169
Phone: 703-791-9522

USA Non-Profit

It has been looked into to see if there could be a non-profit association setup here in the USA but we are being told we cannot do this and send the money to anther country like Germany. If you have any ideas please contact us

Baumbach or Tannenberg

It is my understanding that the name was changed from the Baumbach castle to Tannenberg castle and the Baumbach ownership was removed and replaced with The Friends of Tannenberg a non-profit association. The reasons for this are, the Baumbach family could not afford to repair it and as long as the Baumbach family owned it the people in the town of Nentershausen would have no interest in it. By changing the name to Tannenberg and making the ownership public through membership in the The Friends of Tannenberg it is hoped that the towns people and others will be willing to provide the much needed money to restore it.


The Castle is located about 30 minutes East of Alheim-Baumbach off highway #27 in the town of Nentershausen a small farming village close to the River Hasel. Its about 150 miles north of Frankfurt near Eisenach, Bebra and Bad Hersfeld. To get to Nentershausen from the airport in Frankfurt take the Autobahn nr 5 north to Kirchheim then turn right to the Autobahn nr 4 to "Wildeck-Obersuhl," then leave the Autobahn going left to Nentershausen about 6 miles. Or by train it is easy to get from Frankfurt north to Bebra.

During the 2000 reunion the below information was made. 

For a limited time while supplies last you can order 120 4x6 color print pictures and a two-hour VHS videotape of the Baumbach Castle in Germany. 
Mon, 24 Dec 2001

Hallo to all American Friends!!!

I hesitate with the usual "merry Christmas" words because of all theses terrible poorness in the world . But I wish you and your families a good year 2002 and stay as healthy as possible.

I try to send you pictures and hope it will work.

In September marc and his friends found romantic arches in the castle with a stone of a romantic column.

Then we started with the Installation of water and heating and suddenly an American Check from Georgia arrived.

I took a picture with the check in front of the ditches we had to dig to connect the two sides of the castle. the heating will be on the left side.

So, you see things are going on and your money is and will be invested in a good purpose.

So,  now Christmas can come and I hope Christa  too, who visits her daughters. Remember the castle festival on the 14th of Sept. 2002.

Always your friend Friedrich!

Friedrich Wilhelm von Baumbach
Gutsstr. 8
36214 Nentershausen
Tel.: +496627-553
Fax: +496627-8624
mailto: <>
homepage: <>

Click on picture to see larger view.

Friedrich holding the check

Some of the piping inside the castle.

Ditch work for the piping inside the castle walls.

Romantic arches in the castle with a stone of a romantic column.

Von: Gutshof v. Baumbach [mailto: ]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2005 08:40
Betreff: Weberstedt

Hallo, William Baumbach send me your mail to Germany. We live in a little village where the baumbach Castle still exists since the 13th century in the state of Hessen-former West-Germany. about 30 KM from here is Weberstedt in Thueringen-former East Germany. near the famous town of Eisenach with the Castle of "Wartburg "where Martin Luther was captured and translated the Bible . With best regards yours

Friedrich-Wilhelm von Baumbach
Finkenweg 81
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Tel (0) 66221-407908-0 oder-1
Mob (0) 170-3410818

New address 08-2010
36214 Nentershausen
Tel 06627-553
Fax 06627 8624
Internet :


notes to self 12-04-2001: cost him $30dm to deposit check from US.
now have 170 members, need 200 to get loan of $50,000.00dm with 5% interest. needed for expensive plumbing and electrical work
two dues levels
$1DM = 0.4557US$
they made $10,000.00dm at 2001 festable

need to convert this site to English

From: Büdi von Baumbach []
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 8:34 AM
Subject: Tannenberg- castle

Hi my friends, -long time-no hear- as we say in perfect English. But things with the castle are going very well. I am not living in Nentershausen any more.We moved to Bad Hersfeld a year ago. My son Marc had the good idea to have a day of the shovel once a month to restore the oldest part of the castle. I send you a picture from the old site in the 18th century and a few  from the situation now. It would be nice if you could help a little bit. See you and stay healthy, yours. 

Friedrich-Wilhelm (Büdi) von Baumbach
Finkenweg 81
36251 Bad Hersfeld
Tel   (0) 6621-407908-0 oder -1
Mob (0) 170-3410818

Here are some pictures sent to me on 08-18-2010 showing the progress.


Added 11-04-14. Friedrich emailed me this picutre, which is his favorite of him and his brother Bodo, who died in 2000.

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