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You can visit and spend the night at the Baumbach castle in Germany. 

The castle apartments are not yet ready to rent as they are still under construction. You can however stay just down the hill in the town of Nentershausen which has all the comforts of home, such as restaurants, hotels, and grocery store, gas station, etc.

There are also very nice apartments available for rent on Friedrich Wilhelm von Baumbach farm which is a short walk from Nentershausen and just down the street from the castle. You can view the apartments and get details at

For more information contact

Friedrich Wilhelm von Baumbach
Gutsstr. 8
36214 Nentershausen
Tel.: +496627-553
Fax: +496627-8624

NOTE: Germany is 6 hours ahead of eastern united states. e.g. 3pm ET is 9pm in Germany