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05-16-08 Grand Chapter Royal Arch 200 year Anniversary. Held at Fort Magruder Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Williamsburg Virginia. 1 of 2. 55 pictures

05-17-08 Masonic Home of Virginia monument dedication. 37 pictures

05-17-08 Grand Chapter Royal Arch 200 year Anniversary. 2 of 2. 125 pictures


Roy Clark could not make it in person, but sent a pre-taped interview.

MW. Ed Cohen received the John Dove Meritorious Service Award

Very small gavel

05-16-08 and 05-17-08 Grand Chapter Royal Arch 200 year Anniversary. 54 pictures taken by Brother Daniel Wallace

06-01-08 Districts 15A, 15B, 15C Fifty-First annual service in memory of deceased members of the Masonic Fraternity and Allied Bodies. Masonic Memorial Park, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Richmond, Va. 26 pictures..


06-06-08 OV dinner districts 5 & 6. 26 pictures

06-17-08 OV District 1B. held at Springfield Lodge No. 217. 30 pictures

06-07-08 DeMolay event at Luray Caverns. They brought in about 15 new DeMolay's. I was told they have been holding this in Luray Caverns since 1972. I was also presented with a challenge; I was told they have never been able to get any good pictures taken in the Caverns of this event... I think they have now. :-) Note that the pictures taken in the Cavern not only have the foreground subject exposed with the flash, but you can also see the Caverns in background. 82 pictures

06-25-08 Acacia's second Table Lodge, about 60 Brethren were there. 64 pictures, these are HERE

06-21-08 Strawberry night at Manasshe Lodge No. 182. 41 pictures

06-26-08 through 07-02-08 Imperial 2008 in St. Louis MO. 200 pictures here

06-26-08 Table Lodge at Mt Carmel Lodge No. 133 48 pictures

06-22-08 Team meeting at Kena 1 picture