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Cutest Master Plumber Plans Joint Life with Auto Repairman

Lillian Marriage

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Miss Baumbach To Become Bride Of
Arlington Man

The area’s most charming master
plumber soon will put down her monkey
wrench long enough to pool talents for
life with an automobile serviceman.

Miss Lillian Anne Baumbach, 21, who
made national news in February when
she qualified as a master plumber, will
marry George William Jacobs, 23, of 831
North Woodrow Street, Arlington, on
September 12.

Their engagement was announced by her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William J.
Baumbach, 4439 North Fifteenth Street,

Comely Miss Baumbach found herself an
overnight celebrity when news of her
unusual proficiency leaked out.
Newspapers interviewed her, television
programs featured her and hundreds of
admirers sent her fan mail.

But Mr. Jacobs said his affection long
pre-date his future wife’s fame, for it was
in 1948 that they met. It just happened
that a road detour sent Mr. Jacobs by her
home and she was sitting outside, and he
became interested. The rest was easy.

Miss Baumbach doesn’t expect to quit
plumbing after the happy event. She will
continue to work at her father’s
Arlington shop.

Mr. Jacobs works in the service
department of Liberty Auto Body, Inc.,
2115 M Street N.W. He is a graduate of
Massanutten Military Academy and
attended Virginia Military Institute and
William and Mary College.

The wedding will take place at the First
Presbyterian Church, Wilson Boulevard
and Glebe Road, Arlington.

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