08-03-08 The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania has published some of these pictures in their Freemason Magazine 

05-10-08 Pictures of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges at the WWII memorial in Washington D.C. Grand Masters from around the World participated in a wreath laying ceremony. Retired Senator Bob Dole was there. The 164 pictures and as an added bonus a video. Four pictures have been put together to make one large wide panoramic. The Kena Highlanders and other Shriners participated too.

It was raining all morning, but stopped about the same time the Grand Masters arrived, it was just overcast during the ceremony, the sun came out right afterwards.  

All the pictures below have been reduced to 640x480 for faster download. I have included all 164 pictures in one ZIP file at a higher 1024x768 resolution, which will make a much better print, up to  a 5x7. It is a 23meg ZIP file. You can download the WWI pictures HERE. And the 72 pictures taken at the George Washington National Memorial. 7.3meg ZIP file HERE

If you want to be emailed an even high resolution version of a picture 3,872x2,592 a full 10 megapixel about 4 to 7megs each, send the picture number. i.e. DSC_"6108" to William@Baumbach.com or call 703-791-9522

This first picture is four put together, panoramic.

Most Worshipful Edmund Cohen, 2008 Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Virginia and his wife Gwen.

Worshipful William (Bill) Turner

Retired Senator Bob Dole

Retired Senator Bob Dole receives the Grand Master of DC Pin

Jaffa Shriners, Drum Major Larry Lochner (right)


I was walking back to my vehicle and could not help myself, the helicopter and ducks :-)

05-07-08 Pictures of the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges reception held at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Va. There were about 600 registered Grand Masters and their entourage from around the World. They came by the bus load, about 10 buses all together, they also arrived in Limousines. A few also had bodyguards, and with how they had speakerphone earpieces and how they talked up their jacket sleeve into a microphone, it made me feel like I was with the president of the United States and his Secret Service Agents! And several different languages were being spoken. I was not able to take pictures of all 600 because they arrived in groups and separated throughout the building, but here are 72 pictures for you to enjoy.

Even though I was only there to take pictures for Most Worshipful Ed Cohen the Grand Master of Virginia, and I did not have an earpieces in my ear, nor talked up my jacket sleeve, “I had his back”, i.e. I doubled as his bodyguard! :-) LOL.

As an added bonus, never before seen pictures of the newest Masonic exhibit at the GWMM, they had just placed the Plexiglas covers on the displays around 4pm today and you could still smell the fresh paint.

Note the words at the bottom of the statue


This was the first chance I have had in 9 years to take a nighttime picture from the observation deck of the GWMM. I was at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in 1999 when these World largest Square and Compasses were dedicated during the commemorating of the 200th anniversary of the death of Brother George Washington. You can view those pictures here

Slideshow of all 72 pictures