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This Google Script will send you an email notification alert if you have not received an expected email message in xx number of days.

Works with Gmail or Google Apps accounts.

To get a copy of this Google Sheet and script click here (You need to be logged in to your Google account.) Opens in new window.

If you need help on how to use this script, visit https://developers.google.com/apps-script/your_first_script

Sheet cells:
A1=Send To
E1=Notify After Days
You can use any names that you want, but they must he in this exact order. i.e. A1=Any-Name, but must be the email address to sent the notification to.

Supports any combination of FROM: email address TO: email address, or email SUBJECT. Use an "*" asterisk to indicate anything. Do not leave any columns or rows blank

F1 Note is use in the subject line of the email alert you receive.

Send email notifications to any email address, or multiple email addresses, comma separate, i.e. Send To "email-one@domain.com,email-two@domain.com"

Configure script to run once per day, or ever how often you want. Using time trigger.

I would leave line 2 as is, that way you will receive an email notification alert every xx number days letting you know the script ran successfully.

I receive so many emails for online payments due, backup reports, battery UPS backup test reports, room temperature monitor reports, etc. Sometimes I do not know if any of these systems failed to send an email message like they should have, I never know what emails I am missing. This script reminds me that I have not received a particular email that I was expecting or should have received.

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If you find this scrip useful, please consider making a donation  click here

Script written by Ken. for William April 2013.